You succeed in life by consistently making correct decisions based on incomplete information often leading to uncertain outcomes. That is sufficient reason to commit to always function in a Mutually Positive Outcomes (MPO) frame. Nadir Zulqernain


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I am Nadir Zulqernain. For most of my working life, I earned my money through entrepreneurship and enriched my life by being a student of human behavior with focus on the human information processing systems. My outlook on life has been influenced by the teachings of Masters like Milton Erickson, Lao Tzu, Rumi and Richard Bach. I have been privileged to gain knowledge, expertise and skills to support and mentor those who seek lasting fulfillment in various aspects of their lives and are eager to identify, understand and then embrace their exceptionality. I have had the honor to make some contributions in this field. The profound beneficial impact on thousands of participants in inter and intra-personal communication programs and personal power enhancement, multi-disciplinary, experiential achievement training that I developed about thirty years ago, has been documented in various media, worldwide.

My diverse working life started with a career in aviation. Subsequently, I moved into sales and business. For more than thirty years now, I have owned and operated several small to medium sized business in various turfs. Never reluctant to venture out into untested waters, on occasion I have found myself in complex situations. Some of these experiences have taught me fascinating and occasionally punitive, life-lessons. During more than three decades of entrepreneurship, I have had my share of crippling impediments and have also enjoyed tremendous triumphs. I have been in tight spots, grueling legal and business battles. My mettle has been tested more than once. I have however, bounced back each time and enjoyed even more rewarding success.

There is an old saying, “judgment comes from experience, and great judgment comes from bad experience”. People who have worked with me over the years will tell you that Nadir Zulqernain has great judgment. I was fortunate enough to have the foresight to learn from what didn’t go as planned and learn from those experiences that were not good, or as Richard Bach refers to them ‘experiments that did not work’. Learning to learn from adversity has been most significant to my survival and growth.

There is no denying that I have had my share of, what might reasonably be called bad experiences. I have been on the receiving end of perfidy by trusted business partners and have been targeted by scammers and scammed and ripped off. In response, I chose to get over it and move on (GOIMO). No one got a complaint from me. Instead, I took back control by accepting responsibility and learning from those experiences. I am committed to fully utilizing my expertise that I earned through real-life experiences in the trenches of life to help, support and lift others. 

Currently, I provide mentoring to those who seek it. A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher – often the first one to be sought for advice and considered valuable and reliable sources of information. Those who have worked with me will tell you that Nadir Zulqernain is a mentor in every sense of the word.

How did I become such a person? I earned my wisdom through tough and complex life-lessons, obligatory resourcefulness, ill-conceived personal choices, imprudent business decisions, disastrous business deals and conniving, greedy business partners. I honed my business intelligence through startups that fizzled out before they started, others that didn’t get too far, and some that were considered to be a stroke of genius because they succeeded across continents. I have had the honor of having some of these accomplishments written about in major, global publications.

The ultimate quest is enhancing the applicable potential of the human mind. A personalized recipe for success can be created by fully utilizing the human information processing system while working within a Mutually Positive Outcome (MPO) frame. Nadir Zulqernain